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Traditional mortgage brokers make their commissions on the spread between the rate the bank gives them, and the rate they are able to sell you. Not only do they want to give you the highest rate possible, but a lot of them try to hide fees within the closing costs to make an extra buck. We find this method of trying to find you financing very wrong. Buying a home, commercial building or business is emotional and aggravating enough without people trying to stick it to you from every angle.

Seckel Capital works with you, not against you. We've seen a huge hole in the mortgage industry for years with lack of service and rates. Most consumers don't know if they're getting a fair rate and you have to fight with a broker or bank for every nickel. It is a stressful and aggravating process. We've designed a philosophy where you and us can be on the same team, costing you less than 33% of what a typical broker or banker would receive as compensation and where you come away with the lowest rate and fees possible every time. We believe that great service, low fees and wholesale rates should be possible to give to the consumer not just to mortgage brokers and bankers. We’re a direct lender and we can help you with your financing needs. Our Founder, John Seckel, has a background in financial analysis, investment banking and lending for large merger and acquisition deals. We implement the latest technology to save you money and to provide with the best service during the processing of your transaction. Being a great believer in "high volume/low margin" type business, this is giving you incredible rates on purchases and refinances to pass on to friends and family.

We’re confident that with our experience, partners and commitment to great service ,you will be very pleased. Seckel Capital is committed to Connecting People With Their Best Interest ™ .