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Wealth Management

Successful wealth management is more than just investment advice. It combines expertise from a wide variety of financial disciplines- from estate planning to retirement income planning- to ensure that your finances have a clear direction.

Like all of our financial planning services, our wealth management team puts your unique needs and goals at the forefront. This means that we develop close relationships with our clients, not only to understand their financial situations, but also to determine their tolerances for risk and other preferences.

In addition to exceptional personalized service, Seckel Capital offers first-rate security and protection for our clients' assets through our partnership with TD Ameritrade's asset custodianship service.

Risk Management

With greater wealth comes a greater need to protect your assets. When it comes to keeping their wealth safe, our wealth management clients benefit from our expertise in proactively managing investment risk and in insurance.

Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that your vision for your wealth is fulfilled when you're gone or incapable of managing the estate yourself. For wealth management clients, who often plan to leave considerable assets to their loved ones or charity, this is an especially important process.

Our estate planning services seek to minimize taxes and losses to legal fees, make the estate settlement process as quick and easy as possible, and ensure that your assets are efficiently bequeathed to the intended parties.

Investment Management

At Seckel Capital Advisors, we believe in systematic, model-based investing that is grounded in thorough research and flexible enough to react to changes in the market. With our unique approach to investing, called Re-Adjusting Risk™, we help our clients avoid major losses during periods of economic distress and ride the market higher during periods of expansion.

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